Corporate Legal Marketing Departments Want This

At the most recent Future’s Conference which took place in the fall of 2016, the College of Law Practice Management prepared sessions that were full of interesting trends and developments which may have a strong impact on the future practice of law.

The on-going discussion about Alternative Fee Arrangements is actually and finally starting to sound like more than talk. Big Law is responding more to the needs so often expressed by legal departments to keep fees predictable and on budget. Continue reading Corporate Legal Marketing Departments Want This

The Difference Between Good and Great

A colleague of mine for many years, Jim Durham, recently wrote this quick read, “10 Tips on How to Transform into a Great Lawyer.” It’s full of insights and practicality for every lawyer and marketing professional looking for some key strategies that will create complete client satisfaction and bring more business in the door.

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Recap from the 2017 Legal Marketing Association Conference

From Mad Men to Math Men – Why the Rise of Digital Makes Data the New Imperative     Read recap

Artificial Intelligence: Changing the Practice and Marketing of Legal Services
Read recap

The Rapidly Changing Legal Buying Cycle: What Law Firms and Vendors Need to do to Respond Read recap…

Merry Neitlich Inducted into the Hall of Fame at 2017 Legal Marketing Association International Conference Read recap

From Potential to Client: The Process of Enhancing Relationships


Recently, I attended a presentation about the Follow-Up Factor given by Steve Smith, of Growth Source Coaching. Steve talked about the importance of following up with potential clients. According to Steve, only 12% of professionals continue to follow-up after the first time. I found that number to be shockingly low. Continue reading From Potential to Client: The Process of Enhancing Relationships

2016 Annual Social Media Survey Released

This is our fourth annual social media survey of small to mid-size law firms in Orange County, California. There’s no denying that social media usage has surpassed the tipping point in 2016. 84% of responding firms selected visibility raising as the number one reason for engaging in social media. Thought leadership was another important reason to engage. Only 17% of firms do not actively post fresh content on their website or social media platforms. Continue reading 2016 Annual Social Media Survey Released

The Living Breathing Brand of the Jeffrey M. Verdon Law Group

The following is an interview with Jeffrey Verdon, managing partner of the Jeffrey M. Verdon Law Group based in Newport Beach, California. Jeff has been living and expanding the firm’s brand for years. The firm’s band, The Fusion of planning and protection, is an evergreen part of how the firm operates, treats their clients and expands their practice. Jeff is a testament to how a thoughtful and meaningful brand can be a successful living concept which truly reflects what a firm stands for and is all about. Continue reading The Living Breathing Brand of the Jeffrey M. Verdon Law Group

Choose me! Choose me!

What makes a lawyer valuable enough to make partner these days? Of course having a significant amount of business is a major criteria for consideration in order to be elevated to equity partner. But Am Law 100 firms to small local firms all seem to agree that there are other contributions lawyers can deliver to make them an “A” player at their firms; a position that is valued quite highly. There seems to be a shift in law firm management strategy to make certain no attorney is blindsided by what it takes to be invited to stay. Continue reading Choose me! Choose me!

The Secret Behind Memorable Presentations

Ever since becoming a trained presenter of the UCLA Design for Effective Education some years ago I have been uber inspired to keep on sharing new ideas and tricks for helping clients become memorable and creative presenters. Continue reading The Secret Behind Memorable Presentations