Vanessa Edwards

The Top Five Patterns of the Most Influential TED Talks

Vanessa Van Edwards tells us in her article published in the spring of this year that, “Whether you’re giving a boardroom presentation, an elevator pitch or a conference speech, you have to know how to surprise and delight your audience — I call this the “wow” factor.

“It’s why some speakers can walk onto a stage and blow the audience away. The wow factor is how some presentations stick in your mind for weeks, and contributes to what makes some TED talks go viral.”

Ms. Edwards explains how these five tips are the real secret behind why some TED Talks get viewed millions of times while others never seem to take off, even though the content is great.

1. The power of non-verbal communication
2. Hand gestures
3. No script
4. The longer you smile
5. The first 7-seconds

I am in total agreement with all of Ms. Edwards’ points. In fact the UCLA educational proven research behind our training program, Creating Memorable Presentations, backs up everything she points out. The details from her article can be found here.