Analysis of Social Media Trends in 2015

Analysis of Social Media Trends in Southern California Law Firms

Over the past three years, over 70% of the respondents continue to actively integrate social media into their marketing mix while admitting they are still learning about how all of this fits together. And while LinkedIn continues to be the most often used social media channel, a surprising 53% of the attorneys indicated they rarely or never share status updates.

Blogging provides ongoing content creation and raises Google search ratings. From 2013 to 2014 the number of firms blogging, that responded to this survey, increased to 23% from 10%. It was surprising to find out that this year showed a drop to 16% in the number of law firms blogging.

This year we added a new question about the number of firms planning to share video posts. A surprising 65% of firms indicated they were not planning to do so. We are anxious to see how things trend in 2016.

Social Media Survey 2015