Death of Powerpoint Presentations

The Secret Behind Memorable Presentations

Ever since becoming a trained presenter of the UCLA Design for Effective Education some years ago I have been uber inspired to keep on sharing new ideas and tricks for helping clients become memorable and creative presenters.

These past few years I have incorporated TED Style Talks into the training. These talks pack a powerful punch as they deeply engage the audience by incorporating a strong amount of storytelling.

At this year’s LMA Conference I was excited about presenting a TED Talk on How to Give a TED Talk. Following my 15-minute talk a client of mine, Tamara Devitt, partner with Haynes & Boon, gave a TED Talk we developed on a very finite area of labor and employment. She captured the hearts of over 600 marketers in the audience by starting her talk with a red polka dot scarf on her head regaling the audience with a story from World War Two’s Rosie the Riveter leading to the meat of her presentation on equal pay. Tamara received an enormous ovation as marketers saw the specific application of how attorneys could benefit by incorporating stories into their talks to engage the audience and cut down on the number of bullet point PowerPoint slides.

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