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The Living Breathing Brand of the Jeffrey M. Verdon Law Group

The following is an interview with Jeffrey Verdon, managing partner of the Jeffrey M. Verdon Law Group based in Newport Beach, California. Jeff has been living and expanding the firm’s brand for years. The firm’s band, The Fusion of planning and protection, is an evergreen part of how the firm operates, treats their clients and expands their practice. Jeff is a testament to how a thoughtful and meaningful brand can be a successful living concept which truly reflects what a firm stands for and is all about.

EM: “The fusion of planning and protection” What does it mean to you?

Jeff: This is truly what the firm stands for. It is the DNA of our firm and everything we do revolves around combining advanced estate planning strategies with strong asset protection designed individually for each client. It’s all about protecting our client’s assets and their legacy for their families.

EM: How do your clients, prospective clients and referral sources gain a clear understanding of what JMV Law stands for and what your firm’s unique essence is all about?

Jeff:  It’s about consistently living and utilizing our brand message. It is perpetuated throughout our website, in our Client Alerts, the videos which explain our planning and protection unique options, our articles, speaking engagements, our ads, in how we created our offices to allow our clients to know how special they are to us, and in every communication we develop. We believe that our services in this niche area of the law provide very effective solutions, many times unique solutions, and always comprehensive ones that allow our clients to achieve their planning and legacy goals. The litmus test of our success is how well we have been at protecting our clients’ assets in this very litigious country where 15M lawsuits are filed annually.

EM: What types of client service initiatives are part of your brand?

Jeff:  I would have to say that our Concierge Service is a big part of who we are. So much so that we devote an entire page on our website sharing what we do and how we are there to be of service. We are available 24/7 to clients that have issues that they need assistance resolving. And this goes beyond legal services. When our clients have a challenging life problem, legal or non-legal, they know they can reach out to us for suggested answers and contacts that can help them find solutions.