Is Lawyer’s Trusted Advisor Status in Jeopardy?

The Problem

According to James Bliwas, Senior Marketing and Communications Strategist, “This news ought to be deeply disturbing to managing partners and lawyers regardless of the size of their firm: Attorneys are losing their once-reverent position as businesses most-trusted advisor.”

Disruptive innovators which are contributing to the erosion of the previously untested status of law firms includes:

  • Inability of most law firms to create differentiators
  • Accounting firms
  • Business advisory consultancies that hire lawyers to provide advice not legal services
  • Virtual law firms
  • Online legal services such as Legal Zoom
  • Price for legal services is also driving clients from seeing their attorneys

The Solution

Law Firms must step up and take action to increase their firm’s visibility, unique distinctions, relevancy through the use of strong strategized social media and content marketing programs, client visits and specific and measurable marketing and business development plans.

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