Creating business for our clients is, well, our business. To that end, we always start by exploring your brand messaging. Is it clear? Is it distinctive? Does it quickly allow viewers to understand how you are different than others in our space? We take your unique brand essence and make it crystal clear on every page of your website, social media platforms, and all communications. If your website is more than three years old, we can create a state-of-the-art new website for you that has built-in organic search engine optimization (SEO) using the latest technologies. You'll get results.

We have a firm commitment to assist every client by creating initiatives and programs that lead to new business. The following descriptions outline our service offerings.



Branding is a distinct identity based on a promise of value that is different than that of other firms.

EM Consulting has been successfully developing brands and focused, well-branded marketing plans for law firms for over 20 years. We are a full-service business development, strategy, and branding company precisely positioned and experienced to transform your mission and values into an inspiring new brand identity.

Creating a clear firm identify is an important step for successful business development. We will explore details about the firm, its culture and history, practice areas, the way it serves its clients, its value propositions, its reputation, and aspirations for the future. We will extrapolate identifiable themes to position your firm as one of a kind.

Your brand becomes the “umbrella” under which all marketing and business development messages will fall. Whether by creating a distinctive website or penning collateral materials, your firm’s brand essence will be consistent and easily identifiable and repeatable.

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“Our firm’s position in the marketplace became front and center after working with you on our Fortune 100 co-branding project.”
– Todd Gershkowitz, Senior VP, Farient Advisors LLP

“Merry and her team helped us to identify what makes our firm different and then helped us to fashion those differences into a coherent and cohesive brand that clients and prospective clients can understand. Merry helped us develop a website that integrated our brand messaging in every facet of our website.  It’s really helped us to stand out from the crowd.”
– Will Klatte, Managing Partner, Klatte, Budensiek, Young-Agriesti

Business Development, Training and Coaching

Business Development, Training and Coaching

Let’s face it, marketing professional services is a bit like making the invisible visible – it’s almost like smoke and mirrors. After all, we can’t see our services, yet they can make significant and indeed impactful contributions to businesses, individuals, practice groups, and firms. READ MORE >

Bringing in new matters to a firm requires careful planning, creativity, a strong knowledge of the firm and its culture, and an understanding of the target market and the sensitivities of the various partners or practice groups involved. For over 25-years we have developed and implemented successful plans that deeply connect attorneys with clients, coveted prospects and referral sources in meaningful ways that yield enhanced relationships and bring new business into the firm.

The majority of new business is generated in face-to-face or small group meetings. While marketing and visibility assist in the business development process, it takes a direct approach to generate new matters. EM Consulting helps individuals, practice groups and firms enhance their business development successes via:

  • Individual coaching
  • Group coaching
  • Creating unique business development opportunities with built-in touch points
  • Business development targeting with programs that are completely implemented
  • Business development skills training (one-on-one programs, half-day and full-day programs)

Our sweet spot is helping rainmakers expand their book of business providing unique practice development activities and coaching. It’s all about new business in the door.

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“In just 18-months my book of business more than doubled. It’s always a pleasure working with you Merry.”
– Sonia Ransom, Partner Allen Matkins

“Working with Merry has been one of the most important decisions in my career as it pertains to business development.  Merry is an absolute professional and whiz at what she does.  She has the skills to help you capitalize on your strengths and works with you to develop a personal, creative and results-oriented business development plan.  I started working with Merry in 2008 and have worked with her nonstop since then.  Her guidance has paid off in significant ways and my originations have increased several times over.  I was fortunate enough to start working with her as an associate and now as an equity partner.  In addition to her professional skills, I admire her as a person.  She is ethical, compassionate and has a great heart.”
– Alfred Fraijo, Partner, Sheppard Mullin

Content Marketing—plan development and content creation

Content Marketing—plan development and content creation

The goals and strategy behind a good content marketing plan are simple: listen, share, offer insights, and connect with your audience. A content strategy needs a long-term plan and should be structured for repurposing or reposting for the longest shelf life possible. Working with your firm and team we will create a strategy and select the proper channels including social media options. The bottom line is to provide unique, valuable, memorable and consistent snack-size content for your firm’s audiences. Some clients have us create their content for them while others simple want the training and a roadmap in order to take over the process inside the firm.

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Client Feedback Programs with a Punch

Client Feedback Programs with a Punch

Those moments of truth that tend to come out in face-to-face meetings with clients can expand client relationships when handled properly. Having conducted hundreds of such interviews, we work with firms and practice groups from the AmLaw 100 to boutique firms all over the nation to solidify business from their most coveted clients. We successfully turn those “moments of truth” into business development opportunities and help form closer client relationships for the long term.

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“Your Client Feedback Program reinvigorated and inspired our partners to get to the real ‘moments of truth’ needed to gain long-term and loyal clients.”
– Charles H. Dick, Chair, North American Litigation, Baker & McKenzie

Facilitation of Retreats, Meetings, and Marketing Planning

Facilitation of Retreats, Meetings, and Marketing Planning

With over 25-years of facilitation and planning experience we work with practice groups and firms to deliver interactive and goal specific retreats. We facilitate meetings that culminate with specific and measurable plans and ROI. From practice group strategy, to brand development to business development plans, we start with the end in mind to deliver the definitive and desired plan and outcome.

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LinkedIn and Social Media Training and Content Creation

LinkedIn and Social Media Training and Content Creation

Are you interested in driving revenue from your social media efforts? Have you been posting but getting almost no engagement from your efforts? There are advanced and constantly changing strategies that need to be shared and coached for those who want to bring in new business from social media platforms.

Forbes research states that 64% of all viewers will go to LinkedIn to learn about an individual before they click to the firm’s website. Understanding how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and maximize all your social media interactions takes training and coaching. We provide all aspects of social media planning, training and content creation.

“Merry Neitlich brings a cutting-edge, innovative approach to social media marketing of professional services. Every attorney should receive her training on how to use LinkedIn and other social media programs to create an online presence and attract business opportunities. I highly recommend her services.”
– Joel Berman, Partner, Jeffer Mangles

Marketing Plans

Marketing Plans

What are your firm’s business goals? We start with this goal in mind and develop detailed and measurable plans with built in ROI for marketing and business development success.

Many firms want to create a more formal approach to increasing marketing success. In these situations, we work with a small group of partners to develop a needs analysis and then work on developing a specific and measurable marketing plan to address these needs.

We help codify goals with written marketing plans that are SMART- specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-deadline stated. The marketing plan becomes a road map to follow to achieve goals and measure milestones along the way. We’ve created marketing plans for individual lawyers, practice groups, offices and for specialty products and services.

We augment our marketing plan service by providing individual partner coaching, practice group consulting and ongoing marketing consulting with firms. We can also assist in setting up systems to:

  • Track marketing progress
  • Measure marketing successes
  • Identify starting points for marketing programs
  • Refine existing programs
  • Assist in marketing staff development

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Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills Training

We provide presentation skills training based on proven researched-based models of learning. How can you pull your audience right into your presentation from the start? What helps attendees remember and hold on to the new knowledge they’ve learned? What can you do to motivate your audience to be engaged and actively involved? This training is very interactive and participants are provided with opportunities to “practice” their new skills and receive coaching to enhance their presentations.

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TED Talk Training and Storytelling

TED Talk Training and Storytelling

TED Talks have revolutionized presentations even in the mainstream. Short focused presentations with lots of stories are the secrets which connect the speaker deeply with their audience. We train service professionals in this art with our exclusive presentation, “A TED Talk on How to Give a TED Talk.”

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Website Development

Website Development

We build well-branded responsive websites incorporating strategy, copy, site design, and a unique customized built-in business development strategy.

Websites are strong business development platforms when based on your firm’s differentiators. We believe in keeping things simple. You will receive a turnkey website product that is self-editable and completely friendly and responsive on all mobile devices.

Our process offers more than counseling and processes; we are invested in your firm’s success. Your brand will come alive on your website and reinforce client’s buying decisions, helping potential clients identify with your firm by understanding who you are, what the firm stands for, how you practice, and why your firm is distinct.

With easy-to-implement social media options, we will build in organic site engine optimizations (SEOs) and help search engines easily find your firm. We integrate blogs into easily unloadable platforms for ease of posting. We’ll even help you integrate your website and firm updates on LinkedIn and train your attorneys on how to empower and optimize their LinkedIn experience.


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“Merry and her team helped us to identify what makes our firm different and then helped us to fashion those differences into a coherent and cohesive brand that clients and prospective clients can understand. Merry helped us develop a website that integrated our brand messaging in every facet of our website. It’s really helped us to stand out from the crowd.”
– Will Klatte, Managing Parnter, Klatte, Budensiek, Young-Agriesti