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Exit Coach Radio

Merry Neitlich - Marketing Strategies to Beat Content Fatigue

In her interview, Merry stresses the importance of staying current, and branding in a way that goes beyond just providing good service. Now more than ever, it is essential to walk the walk when it comes to diversity and inclusion.


Essential Plans of Insurance with Jim Better

Merry Neitlich, Co-founder of EM Consultants, discusses how legal needs such as Estate Planning and Trust Law intersect with Long Term Care needs.

Susan Freeman talks with Merry Neitlich
(Note: there is a short audio gap between the podcast intro and the interview)

Listen at Freeman Means Business

This Exit Coach Radio podcast by Bill Black covers, “What you Need to Know about Creating Successful Social Media Programs.”

Listen at Exit Coach Radio

EM Consulting founder Merry Neitlich talks about EM Consulting's services.

Allen Matkins' Chief Marketing and Client Services Officer Adam Stock offers a testimonial of Merry Neitlich's deep understanding of the nuances of marketing a law firm.

Jeff Reade, Chairman and Founder of Cole Valley Software, talks about Merry's professionalism and her ability to make things happen.